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Nowadays, organic cannabis is in high demand, and fortunately there are trusted places that offer those types of products. Pueblo West Organics was founded on April 15, 2013, and its employees strive to carry a strong selection of organic cannabis products. In addition to offering a wide assortment of organic products, the medical and adult-use dispensary was expertly designed to provide consumers with less waiting time and a one-on-one experience.

At Pueblo West Organics, the customer always comes first. “We listen to what our customers are wanting and provide them those products,” Shaely Needs, general manager of Pueblo West Organics, told CULTURE. Pueblo West Organics is open seven days a week and serves southern Colorado. It’s common for the dispensary to also attract a passerby that is headed through the Pueblo area.

“We listen to what our customers are wanting and provide them those products.”

The dispensary carries edibles, flowers, concentrates and topical remedies. Poison OG, which is known to induce sleep in the most seasoned of cannasseurs, is Pueblo West Organics’ top-selling strain. Edible-wise, nothing sells faster than gummies from Wana Brands. The highly-rated Pat Pen is a popular item among the company’s clientele who prefer concentrates. Consumers choose organic strains because they say organic products, without a doubt, taste better, look better and are much better for your body.

In the cannabis industry, competition is stronger than ever. The storefront competes with several other dispensaries in Pueblo West and those that are in Pueblo. “We have seen more competition and lower prices over the years,” Needs said. “We have seen it become a great industry with so many products for consumers to choose from. We would like to see even more professional products that are natural and organic.”

Pueblo, Pueblo West and Trinidad have all embraced cannabis to a degree in the southeastern Colorado area. Although the area is a long ways from the metropolitan Denver area, cannabis is still thriving.

A lot has changed in Colorado since Pueblo West Organics first opened its doors. “I would say the biggest challenges will be to stay competitive with the larger companies in the industry and working with the enforcement division on rule modifications that are better suited for businesses,” Needs added.

However, the dispensary remains dedicated to evolving in order to overcome obstacles.“The biggest joy is and has always been helping the end customer or patient.”

Ultimately, Pueblo West Organics is successful because its main focus is supporting its patients and the local community. “We treat every patient with the best customer service we can,” Needs said. Beyond the customer base, the employees of Pueblo West Organics help out in the community. During winter, for instance, Pueblo West Organics teamed up with Senior Resource Development Agency of Pueblo to rake lawns of the elderly. In summer 2016, the team adopted a garden space at the Nature and Raptor Center in Pueblo to volunteer and lend a green thumb.

Needs advises others in the cannabis industry to stay humble and build relationships. She hopes to eventually produce and sell some of the best products in the cannabis industry.
609 E Enterprise Dr. Ste 140 Pueblo West
(719) 647-2043

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