Orange Widow Live Resin by DNA Gardens Available exclusively at: Local Roots

This Orange Widow Live Resin is a truly unique product. The texture is more crystalline than your typical live resin. Additionally, the terpene content is remarkable. You can actually smell the orange citrus notes jumping out at you. After using a water vaporizer to sample this live resin, the CULTURE team noticed that ample terpene profile made for some absolutely delightful flavors. There was a strong sweet orange flavor reminiscent of drinking an orange soda, with a powerful long-lasting flavor that sticks with you long after imbibing. But of course, the flavor and fragrance are just the orange slice on top of what makes this concentrate special. What really satisfies about this concentrate is the effects. Powerful and steady, this indica-dominant hybrid provides the kind of powerful medicine indica lovers have come to expect from such a strong concentrate. This product could be helpful in providing pain relief, combating insomnia and just some hardcore chilling at home.

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