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Orange Poison by Subdued Excitement



Available at Seattle Cannabis Co. in Seattle.

It’s hard to believe anything so beautiful and perfect could ever be poisonous, and indeed this cannabis is far from it. The green on this flower fades from light to dark green, with dazzling displays of every shade in between. The flower is dense, perfectly proportioned and truly forms those little tear drop-shaped crystal coated masterpieces. Scent-wise, the fragrance is out-of-this-world delightful and hits every range on the sweet palate, minus chocolate. We sampled the flower using both a water pipe and a vaporizer, and the flavor was equally appealing with both. It’s like eating every flavor of starburst at once, but hints of pine can also be noted. It’s not just the unique flavor and fragrance that make this flower so special however, it’s the way this sativa cross between Orange Juice Bud and Durban Poison makes you feel. If you’ve been looking for a tasty and effective sativa that is sweet and satisfying, this is it. This strain offers a boost of energy along with a shot of chill to help you focus. It lifts spirits and lacks couch-lock or paranoia, which makes it ideal for some people who are sensitive to indicas. If you’re looking for flower for any springtime activity, from gardening to partying, this should be at the top of your list.

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