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Orange Cookies




Available at Famous Roots Collective in Sylmar.

Girl Scout Cookies being part of the genetics of Orange Cookies is just one of the reasons that the Orange Cookies at Famous Roots Collective in Sylmar is so good. With a light orange blossom smell, the large dense bright green nug literally oozes trichomes making for an exceptionally sticky bud. The smoke is smooth and, for those familiar with GSC, is reminiscent of that strain’s rambunctious taste. After a few minutes, most will experience a cerebral buzz and euphoric effect that literally flows through your body, producing a soothing state with just a hint of tension in your muscles. Although you will be calm and relaxed, you will not be sedated or disoriented, so if you have things you want to do, you will still be able to do them. If you are stressed out, anxious or depressed, Orange Cookies are the perfect antidote.

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