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Oklahoma Governor Signs Emergency Rules for Medicinal Cannabis




A revised set of emergency rules that dictate consumption restrictions on medical cannabis was recently signed by Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin.

On Tuesday, Aug. 2, the Oklahoma Board of Health approved emergency rules which were crafted by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. This was in response to heavy criticism regarding initial rules that were released shortly after voters voted in favor of medical cannabis legalization. On Monday, Aug. 6 Gov. Fallin provide her signature. “These rules do not include the two last-minute amendments to the initial rules that I asked the Board of Health to rescind because the public didn’t have sufficient time to review and comment on them,” Fallin said in a statement explaining her decision. “I appreciate the board’s decision to concur with my request. They also follow the guidelines from the attorney general on staying within the jurisdiction of statute language of State Question 788.”

Fallin describes the regulations as “very basic” as well as “the best option in developing a proper regulatory framework for medical marijuana.”

Under the new emergency rules, the sale of all smokable cannabis will be banned from being sold in dispensaries. The rules removed the requirements to have a pharmacist on-site in every dispensary, and that women of “childbearing age” no longer need to take a pregnancy test.

A short-expressed opinion regarding a special legislative session stopped on Monday following Fallin’s statement. As she was pleased with the fact that group of lawmakers were holding a weekly meeting to move forward in the state with the developing “the intent of what the public voted for with the passage of State Question 788—making marijuana available to Oklahomans who need it solely for medical reasons.”

While a resolution has been found for the Oklahoma medical cannabis community, progress is already being made for those who want to see recreational cannabis become a reality as well. The required number of signatures were presented to the Secretary of State on Aug. 8.