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Ohio to Consider if Being a Bengals/Browns Fan Qualifies for Medical Cannabis Use



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]W[/dropcap]ith a combined zero playoff wins since 1995, Bengals and Browns fans in Ohio have had little to cheer for, but a new petition introduced to the State Medical Board of Ohio may help fans ease the pain and heartache with medical cannabis.

The board held an open submission period from Nov. 1, 2019 to Dec. 31, 2019 to add more qualifying conditions for medical cannabis. If approved, which is highly unlikely, being a Bengals/Browns fan will join other qualifying conditions such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and Parkinson’s, among others. The board will meet in February to go over the 28 petitions and will decide on which ones will pass over the summer.

State law requires applicants include the following information for a petition:

  • Specific disease or condition requested to be added
  • Information from experts who specialize in the study of the disease or condition
  • Relevant medical or scientific evidence
  • Consideration of whether conventional medical therapies are insufficient to treat or alleviate the disease or condition
  • Evidence supporting the use of medical marijuana to treat or alleviate the disease or condition and other types of medical or scientific documentation
  • Letters of support provided by physicians 

Although the fan petition may seem like a joke, the amount of effort put in to the petition shows how serious the fan is in believing medical cannabis can help Bengals and Browns fans.

Last year, Ohio saw more than 100 petitions for new conditions and only five were added to the list. Ohio previously rejected both autism and anxiety as qualifying conditions for medical cannabis, but hopefully the long-suffering Bengals and Browns fans in Ohio will have better luck. If a petition is rejected, it can be re-submitted with new scientific information to be reconsidered.

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