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OG Jack Cartirdge





Available at Barbary Coast and Grass Roots in San Francisco.

Medical cannabis patients are free to move about the state with this chic, highly discrete pre-filled vape cart from Highly Concentrated. Vaporizer cartridges are ready-to-use containers of cannabis oil that fit onto standard e-cigarette battery bases (510 thread). Options in the cart space are exploding into every possible strain, and the OG Jack source for this oil crosses two bosses of the cannabis world—the award-winning designer sativa hybrid Jack Herer, and West Coast underground legend OG Kush. Highly Concentrated stands out with a steel tip and glass container, as opposed to flimsier plastic. The vape dispenses perfectly titrated puffs of ultra-odorless, solvent-free OG Jack oil, gently elevating patients on a sativa hybrid wave that can stave off migraine onset or quell other nervous conditions, patients report.

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