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Offshore Genetics Shatter





Available at House of Gas in Anaheim.

Jumping into the burgeoning cannabis concentrate market is Offshore Genetics (OG) with an impeccable line of superior shatters. The House of Gas in Anaheim carries their tantalizing shatters, available in both high quality and average levels. Both shatters look very similar—translucent yellow amber exceptionally clean with no bubbles. These OG shatters are perfectly pliable so that they can be maneuvered easily on a nail, with a faint Sweet Tart taste. Effects came on quickly with both and provided invigorating and energized thought processes with little agitation. Starting cerebrally, these shatters morphed into a body effect that would be excellent for mid-day stress reduction. Both produced clearheaded effects that allowed you to be totally aware of where you are even though you might not be sure you if are really there.

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