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Official Line of Hemp Clothing is Now Available at Tillys



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]T[/dropcap]here are more signs of cannabis normalization every day, and the most recent is that a line of hemp clothing is available for purchase through famous clothing retailer Tillys.

Chiefton Supply Co. is a Colorado-based hemp clothing company that makes stylish, streetwear-style apparel. Recently, Chiefton Supply Co. signed a distribution deal with Tillys to be the company’s first official hemp apparel brand.

According to a press release from Chiefton Supply’s PR company, an exclusive run of the company’s men’s tees will be available online and at 30 Tilly’s retail locations.

“Signing with a national retailer like Tillys is demonstrative of how Chiefton is effectively blending cannabis culture with mainstream lifestyle and fashion,” said Bryan DeHaven, managing director of Chiefton, according to the press release. “This is a tremendous opportunity for us to reach national consumers where they shop. Tillys’ customers are active and trend-setting, and Chiefton’s cutting-edge designs make a statement everywhere—on the trail, at the beach or in the city.”

Chiefton Supply Co. prioritize hemp clothing production and sustainable processing in its designs, making their company a positive representation of the hemp and cannabis community in the mainstream. Their hemp is organically produced and grown using less water and land than cotton, a fact that makes many hemp enthusiasts want to legalize the crop and begin phasing out materials like cotton.

“With its high-profile placement in Tillys stores and on its popular website, Chiefton joins an array of top-tier brands for active lifestyles, including Billabong, Volcom, Rip Curl, Burton and Quiksilver, among many others,” the press release stated.

The implementation of Chiefton Supply Co. into Tilly’s helps normalize hemp on a national basis, and introduces sustainable products to a national chain. Moves like this will help raise the status of the cannabis community as legalization continues to spread.

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