NYC Sour Diesel Shatter


Available at Green door in San Francisco.

The Green Door in San Francisco wears the crown when it comes to top-shelf extracts and that’s not likely to change any time soon—especially with shatters like this New York City Sour Diesel made by Dynasty Extracts. Warriors fans will love the logo. THC fans will love that its 86.19 percent THC, more than four times stronger than any flower. Inside the jewel case, on parchment paper, a beautiful, golden wafer of concrete essential oil sits. Dynasty Extracts used only terpene-rich flower buds (a ‘nug run’) in this hydrocarbon extract. It smells very clean, ultra-light, with an evanescent cannabis resin aroma. Best used with dab rigs, or vape pens, the shatter vapes ultra-fine into a potent, floral vapor that can treat severe, chronic neuropathic pain and muscle spasms, some patients report.

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