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NORML Endorses Jared Polis for Governor of Colorado




NORML announced on May 23 that NORML PAC is endorsing Jared Polis for Governor of Colorado. The first state to legalize cannabis recreationally is now considered a “laboratory of democracy” as it is a hotbed for social experiments.

As leader of Congressional Cannabis Caucus, Polis introduced the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act and responded to threats on the industry from the federal government. Few candidates would fare better at standing up to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session, and Polis is proud to reiterate his stance.

“I’ve been proud to lead the fight for cannabis reform in Congress, and NORML has been an incredibly valuable partner in that effort,” Polis stated. “Here in Colorado, we’ve proven that legal cannabis creates jobs; funds schools, not cartels; and boosts our economy, not our prison population, and I look forward to growing this industry. It’s an honor to have NORML’s endorsement, and I will proudly stand with them against Jeff Sessions or anyone else who tries to come after legal cannabis in Colorado.”

It’s not the time to assume that the cannabis industry will always exist in Colorado without pushback from the federal government and from prohibitionists. It’s time to elect individuals who we know will defend Colorado’s cannabis industry.

Colorado will hold its Democratic Primary on June 26.  Incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper cannot run for reelection. For Democrats, the midterm election season is a time to take back the government in a “blue wave.” For Republicans, it’s a time to maintain control of the House and Senate.

Polis faces other declared Democratic Primary candidates including former State Senator Mike Johnston, former Treasurer Cary Kennedy and Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne.

To help canvas voters or to assist the Polis for Colorado campaign, click here. To make a contribution towards his victory in the primary election, click here.