Nightmare Cookies by SKöRD Marijuana



Available at Green Collar LLC in Tacoma.

This flower is truly breathtaking. At first sight, you can see why they named the strain after a confection. So many crystals are packed onto the leaf, it really does give the appearance of an iced treat. The fragrance, which is immediately noticeable, gives off a delicious cookie scent with notes of berry and skunk for good measure. The flavor is also phenomenal too, with a cookie taste that’s slightly subtler than the fragrance, and the berry and skunk flavors still present. This sativa-dominant hybrid is true to its strain, with a light and joyful overall effect. But don’t let the fact that it’s a sativa fool you! This is not for those with a low tolerance. This powerful medicine is the perfect accompaniment to a mellow social gathering, or even an outdoorsy adventure—but if you’re the type to clam up after consuming some powerful cannabis, be sure to use this flower sparingly. It’s potent in the best of ways.

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