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New York Data Analysis Institute Partners with Medical Cannabis Firm




The Buffalo Institute for Genomics and Data Analysis, which is a part of the University of Buffalo, New York recently partnered with MMJ International Holdings to perform medical cannabis research.

According to the press release, the state of New York will invest $800,000 for the research program between the two organizations. The studies conducted will look at the science behind medical cannabis by looking at how the cannabis healthcare business operates, as well as performing clinical studies of patients.

“MMJ International Holdings is working to attract the talent necessary for its medical cannabis research businesses to continue to bolster the economic growth in upstate and Western New York,” stated Tom Ryan, MMJ International chief operating officer, according to the press release. “This partnership is a great economic stimulant for Buffalo and MMJ International Holdings. This team will place Western New York in the forefront of medical cannabis research internationally.”

He also expressed that he hopes this new partnership will serve to “create jobs, generate economic opportunity and strengthen the region’s role as a leader in the future development of cannabis medicine.”

Circuit Clinical, a company that is also affiliated with the University of Buffalo, will be working with MMJ International to help introduce new patients and physicians so that they can participate in the clinical trials.

“Our goal is to develop scientifically validated cannabis medicines and to facilitate their transition from the laboratory to the market at lower costs,” Timothy Moynahan, chairman of MMJ, stated according to the release. “While the partnership is a business enterprise there is no doubt it has altruistic dimensions; to provide safe and efficacious cannabis medicines, that alleviate pain, replace opioids and diminish or eliminate disease.”

This is noteworthy because of the lack of funding or medical cannabis research so far, and the separation between mainstream scientific research and the cannabis world. Studies like this are steps towards acceptance, as well as more knowledge of the science behind cannabis as medicine.

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