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New Poll Finds Arizona Voters Split on Legalizing Cannabis



A new poll shows that Arizona voters have mixed feelings about legalizing cannabis for recreational use in the state.

Proposition 207, also known as Smart and Safe Arizona, was added to the ballot by the Arizona Supreme Court back in August. Smart and Safe Arizona would allow anyone age 21 or older to possess up to an ounce of cannabis. Legalized recreational cannabis failed to pass in the state during the 2016 election.

A poll released by OH Predictive Insights found 46 percent of likely voters in the state believe cannabis should be legalized for recreational use while 45 percent said they oppose it. Nine percent of voters say they’re undecided. A measure needs 50 percent support to pass. Support is strongest in urban areas, where recreational cannabis is supported by 50 percent of voters. Support falls to 47 percent in suburban areas and to 38 percent in rural areas.

A previous poll conducted by the same company in July showed 62 percent of voters for cannabis legalization and 32 percent against it. The decline in the new poll can be attributed to declining support among people over the age of 55, those who live in rural areas, independents and Republicans.

“As election day nears, voters appear to be focusing on what’s on the ballot. And while the campaign to oppose marijuana legalization is anemic compared to 2016, voters still have concerns about the effort,” said Mike Noble, OH Predictive Insights Chief of Research.

The campaign behind the measure said it isn’t worried about the data from the new poll, saying internal polling and other data shows otherwise.

“We’re giving this poll as much credence as we should—none. It’s absurd to think that while Arizona is on pace to sell a record amount of cannabis ($1.25B) to a record number of cardholders, popularity is waning,” said Smart and Safe Arizona Campaign Manager, Stacy Pearson.

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