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New Mexico Dispensary Owners Donate to Cannabis Research



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]N[/dropcap]o one has ever been able to refute evidence that the cannabis industry is generous and supportive of its local patients and community. In an altruistic gesture, a few New Mexico-based cannabis dispensaries pooled money together in order to help fund a local college’s study on medical cannabis.

The University of New Mexico is one of many colleges across the country that needs extra funding in order to conduct studies on cannabis. In order to help push these studies along, some people who are involved in local dispensaries, as well as product manufacturers, donated $2,000 to the university. The money is intended to be used specifically for two medical cannabis research studies on how effective cannabis can be as medicine for those who suffer from cancer, as well as those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

One of the dispensary owners, Susan Billy of Ultra Health, arranged for customers to buy raffle tickets in order to come up with some of the money that was donated. “It’s so important and there’s so many things that this can do and it can help so many people on so many levels, you know not just health wise but economically so we need all the research,” he said. Ultra Health was also recently a contributor toward paying for a poll to determine New Mexican residents’ opinions on cannabis support.

One of the members of the University of New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Research Fund, Dr. Jacob Vigil spoke to KRQE about the importance of community support. “I actually set up this fund as an opportunity so that my fellow community members could donate and sponsor the type of research that they feel is most important to the community members, their families and so forth and that is exactly what took place here,” he said. He also noted that the extra funds would help increase the number of people that they can in their PTSD study.

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