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New Jersey University Partners With Cannabis Professionals to Offer Degree



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]A[/dropcap] New Jersey university previously joined other institutions to offer students a course that taught them about working in the cannabis industry. Now, it has partnered with a professional organization in preparation for possible legalization in the state.

Stockton University launched its cannabis program this fall, offering a couple dozen students the chance to minor in medical cannabis. The university has now partnered with the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association, which supports and advocates for the cannabis industry in the state. The partnership will bring in guest speakers from the industry and help place students in internships in the medical cannabis industry.

The association announced the partnership on Dec. 12 by posting on their Facebook page, “Certainly a great opportunity and we are proud of this brand new relationship!”

“New Jersey is on the cusp of legalization, and as we get closer to that day, it is important that we prepare young people on how to be successful and involved in this rapidly evolving industry,” said Scott Rudder, president the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association. “We are excited to be collaborating with Stockton and we look forward to bringing industry subject matter experts to the classroom. And I hope other colleges and universities will learn from this example.”

The program was in part started in anticipation of New Jersey’s possible expansion and legalization of recreational cannabis, hoping to prep students to step into the roles that would be needed for a smooth regulation transition. Having a minor in cannabis also allows students with other goals for their education to prepare for the impact cannabis would have in their own careers going forward.

“It will also be helpful for people in other fields to understand the impact of marijuana,” said Ekaterina Sedia, biology professor and program coordinator for cannabis studies at the university.

New Jersey currently has a bill going through committee that could legalize cannabis, though sources say it won’t be voted on until next year.

There are six medical cannabis dispensaries open in the state with six more to be announced soon. Half of New Jersey residents support recreational cannabis, especially if it would help lower taxes. Gov. Phil Murphy predicted that legalization would bring in $60 million in tax revenue, but the state has so far only achieved an expansion of the medical cannabis regulation.

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