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New Jersey Advocates Create Coalition to Legalize Cannabis




New Jersey residents will be voting on recreational cannabis this November, and numerous local groups who advocate for it are doing everything they can to make sure the measure passes.

According to, a local cannabis support group called NJ CAN 2020 wants to ensure that legal cannabis will be diverse the state of New Jersey is able to break into the industry.

The group will be made up of members of New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform, the ACLU of New Jersey, Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, the Latino Action Network, the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp, Law Enforcement Action Partnership, the NAACP New Jersey State Conference and the NJ CannaBusiness Association.

Together, members of these groups will look for the best ways to legalize and regulate cannabis in a diverse and ethical way. They’ll also work on a campaign that will convince people to vote yes on the ballot.

New Jersey has been attempting to legalize cannabis for a while, but last time it was up for a vote, it was defeated in the Senate. The deal was last year to pose the question again in 2020, so advocates are really hoping it will pass this time.

“Folks can’t take for granted the fact that legalization is going to happen in New Jersey,” Amol Sinha, the executive director of New Jersey’s ACLU branch, stated. “That’s something that even now, as lawmakers work on a bill to decriminalize marijuana ahead of the November election, police continue to arrest some 94 people for marijuana offenses daily in New Jersey.

Residents in New Jersey have been excited about the prospect of recreational cannabis for some time now, and many advocates were disappointed last time the cannabis was put on hold. If all goes according to plan, 2020 will be the year New Jersey finally legalizes cannabis.