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New Cannabis Software Receives Large Investment by Snoop Dogg and Kevin Duran



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]S[/dropcap]noop Dogg, along with Kevin Durant, has invested $3 million dollars to help fund a cannabis software company called Dutchie.

With the help of Casa Verde Capital, which is owned by Calvin Broadus, better known for his stage name Snoop Dogg, Dutchie raised an estimated $3 million. Kevin Durant, a current NBA player from the Golden State Warriors, also invested in this venture through his Durant Company.

Dutchie is based in Bend, Oregon, and produces a software that allows cannabis consumers to shop online as well as place orders for delivery and pick-up. “Dutchie addresses needs for both consumers and retailers, which makes it an exciting product for the industry,” Karan Wadhera, managing partner of Casa Verde, said in an email to The Bulletin. “We also are big fans of Ross, the co-founder and CEO, who has shown his ability to grow and scale businesses in the online delivery space.”

Dutchie’s CEO Ross Lipson began working on Dutchie two years ago when Oregon’s law began to change regarding delivering cannabis. In June 2016, Oregon state increased the product value limit of delivery items from $100 to $3,000. Since then, the company’s success has led to over 100 dispensaries affiliating themselves with Dutchie, which has collected an estimated $2.5 million in sales. “We’re creating a tool that helps the user and consumer navigate the delivery space,” Lipson said. “We’re educating the consumer to that buying experiences . . . If you don’t have that online ordering tool in front of you you’re forced to choose a dispensary and take the information that that ‘budtender’ gives you, which is their personal preference.” Lipson’s added experience with food delivery is bound to help this unique startup provide a useful service to the Oregon cannabis community.

Although many states with recreational cannabis do not yet allow cannabis delivery, Lipson hopes that Dutchie will soon become an international market.

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