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Nevada Officials Postpone Cannabis Lounges



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]N[/dropcap]evada officials have temporarily put the brakes on their plan to open cannabis lounges, which is a move that many think could prevent Nevada from capitalizing on the pull of Las Vegas cannabis lounges.

According to Marijuana Business Daily, Gov.Steve Sisolak signed AB-533, which postponed licensing cannabis lounges until 2021.

Many recreational cannabis states struggle with the issue of having a safe and legal location to consume, and Las Vegas, Nevada is especially an area that could benefit from an increase in cannabis tourism. “Tourists are being told they cannot consume in their rental car, nor their hotel, nor on the street or in a park,” Cindy Sovine, a Colorado-based cannabis consultant, told Weedmaps News. “As a result of this nonsense, they are simply doing it everywhere.”

This issue could potentially affect medical cannabis patients who need a safe place to consume their medicine throughout the day as well. “I think cafes and lounges are going to be a great Ground Zero for folks to get the education that they need,” said Josh Drayton, outreach director for the California Cannabis Industry Association. “Creating atmospheres where folks can consume, experiment, and get a better understanding and education about how to consume appropriately is definitely more appealing than people getting intoxicated on alcohol and sending folks out into the streets that way.”

“Virtually every service industry can overlay consumption with their experience,” said Cindy Sovine, a cannabis consultant. “Whether it is a massage therapist, or a haircut and a shave, businesses can provide a space and services to the cannabis-consuming customers while charging a premium for that service. Imagine hotels, coffee shops, music venues … all are coming into reality and providing high-value experiences in addition to a safe and legal place to consume.”

Nevada officials have successfully led the state’s cannabis program to success so far. Positive moves forward include banning cannabis from drug tests and expanding the medical cannabis program.

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