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Mother’s Finest




Available at Wellness Center of Denver in Denver.

Frank Zappa said of the 10 joints he tried in the ‘60s, “. . . they’ve given me a sore throat, a headache and made me sleepy.” You’d think the legend would have had access to better herb. If only he had tried Mother’s Finest from Wellness Center of Denver—named after his band, Mothers of Invention—he would have changed his tune. A gorgeous Jack Herer relative, this is a must try for Haze fans. Delightfully buttery with vanilla and citrus tones, it’s a rock star for those looking to get over writer’s block and crank out a new hit single. Endlessly creative, it’s also a great mood booster if you feel like the road is getting you down. Mother’s Finest is a one-hit-wonder in the best way, and it’s sativa you’ll need to kick start your day.

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