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Montel Williams Debuts Cannabis Products in Los Angeles Area



Longtime cannabis activist and former TV show host Montel William debuted his line of cannabis-based elixirs in Santa Ana on Wednesday. Williams’ Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in 1999 pushed him to become an outspoken advocate for medical cannabis.

Williams launched the LenitivLabs cannabis product line at three dispensaries in the Bay Area back in April. The product line consists of syringes and mixable mini shots. The mini shots come in flavors including strawberry, raspberry, coconut, pomegranate, acai, pineapple and mango. They are available in strengths of 20mg, 50mg and 100mg doses and varying THC/CBD ratios. The cannabis oil syringes are filled with C02 extracted oils with a proprietary terpene profile.

Williams’ product line could replace habit-forming opioid medications, like the changes that happened in his own life. “I chased every single one of the opioids there is, and some that you don’t even know about,” Williams told CULTURE. “We consume far more opiates here in the United States of America than anyplace else, most of them consumed illegally. Why do we do all that? Because we are inundated from birth to death with ads that tell you, ‘There’s something wrong with you, take a pill.’ I’m convinced that the same amount of relief that I got from very expensive Western medications, I get from cannabis.”

The name comes from “Lenitive,” which is an English word that means to soothe or assuage pain. Former CIA director R. James Woolsey, former Congressman Wilbert Tauzin and retired NFL player Marvin Washington all have endorsed LenitivLab products.

Part of the appeal of the LenitivLabs line is its innovative properties. Each mini shot bottle contains a flavored powder in the cap. Consumers push on the top of the bottle to make the powder drop into the cannabis oil, shake it and medicate with the shot.

A total of 16 dispensaries in California now carry LenitivLabs products, with plans underway to expand to Colorado and other legal states.

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