Monster Cookies


Available at Theralief Relief in San Jose.

In the immortal words of James Franco: “the cat is out of the box, man.” Once closely held genetics for Girl Scout Cookies—a mix of a vintage San Francisco local strain called Purple Pain, crossed to Durban Poison, crossed to a Florida OG Kush—have gone global. Bagseed and friendly gifting has made Cookies a must-have part of dispensary menus. Over at Theraleaf, they’re sporting some Monster Cookies—one of the many early offshoots from the line. Our sample packed Cookies’ unique aromatic impact—spicy, hashy, sharp and peppery, with the density and resin of a good Cookies cut. It ground up into a really strong, nicely dried fluff best in bowls or fat joints where you can taste all the complexity. Patients are smoking high-potency indica hybrid flowers for fast-acting, maximum strength nighttime management of a variety of symptoms.

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