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Molson Coors Canada Releases New Line of Cannabis Beverages




Molson Coors Canada announced that it will be releasing a new line of cannabis drinks in Canada via Truss Beverage Co. and Hexo Corp.

“As Molson Coors broadens out beyond beer, non-alcohol cannabis beverages are an exciting new frontier in Canada, and Truss has developed some incredible brands and beverages that are sure to be leaders in that marketplace,” stated Pete Marino of Truss Beverage Co.

The new drinks will be infused with varying levels of CBD and THC and will be sold across in Canadian provinces that allow it. Molson Coors Canada describes the beverage products as “a calibrated and consistent experience” and drinks that “signal a new way to enjoy cannabis that Canadians have been waiting for.” There will be five different beverages available at launch, including House of Terpenes, Little Victory, Mollo, Veryvell and XMG.

For example, House of Terpenes boasts a unique combination of “limonene and myrcene-flavored sparkling tonics made with botanically sourced terpene flowers.” The drink contains 5mg of both CBD and THC, while Little Victory contains 2.5 mg of THC and CBD and is available in dry grapefruit and lemon, as well as dark cherry and blood orange.

Canadian cannabis studies suggest that 71 percent of Canadians do not consume cannabis because they don’t want to smoke, and 74 percent dislike the smell of cannabis smoke. The idea behind the drinks is to provide a new, unique cannabis experience. “At Truss, we’ve built our brands by listening to consumers, so it was important to us to hear directly from Canadians about what they’re looking for from their cannabis consumption experience,” said Truss Beverage Co.’s Head of Marketing, Lori Hatcher. “This data shows just how ready Canadians are for a new cannabis experience that better fits their preferences and lifestyles. Quite frankly, it shows how game changing cannabis beverages can be for consumers.”

Truss Beverage Co.’s cannabis-infused drinks are exclusively sold in Canada for now.

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