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Mississippi to Allow FDA-Approved Cannabis Medications



Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves signed legislation on October 8 that would allow patients to legally gain access to cannabis medicine as long as it has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Reeves openly stated that he is not a supporter of “making marijuana mainstream” when he signed the bill, but he does believe that this particular bill should be an exception because it can save children’s lives. “That said—helping people with safe treatments should not be off the table,” he said via Tweet, in a message that was shared along with pictures of two children who could benefit from cannabis-based medication. “Just signed a bill for kids like Brady and Brianna with a rare form of epilepsy to get FDA-approved treatment.”

Six months ago, the Drug Enforcement Administration made the decision to remove Epidiolex, an FDA-approved CBD-derived medicine, from the Controlled Substances Act. This Mississippi bill, if passed, would similarly remove cannabis medications from Schedule V of the Mississippi drug code.

While this is a monumental step forward for the state, there are other medical cannabis-related initiatives being proposed on the ballot as well. “I am so glad that this bill may help Brady and Brianna, but Initiative 65 for medical marijuana will help thousands of families across the state with loved ones suffering from 22 debilitating medical conditions including cancer, seizures, PTSD, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis and ALS,” said Jamie Grantham, communications director for Mississippians for Compassionate Care, in regards to the new legislation.

If the measure passes, patients will be allowed to obtain a doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis, as long as it has been federally approved. Under Initiative 65, qualifying conditions would include a total of 22 medical conditions, including cancer, chronic pain and PTSD. Patients would be legally allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces.

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