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Wheat Ridge-based Chronic Therapy is an integral part of greater Denver’s recreational cannabis market. But don’t be fooled—medical patients always were and will continue to be a priority for the people behind the dispensary operation.

In a state teeming with an overabundance of recreational cannabis businesses, it can be difficult to stand out among the crowd. Companies like Chronic Therapy, however, go the extra mile to distinguish themselves. “We pride ourselves on our high quality products and exceptional customer service,” District Manager Ryan Coleman told CULTURE. “Our specialty is our in-house cannabis and concentrates.”

Voted Best Dispensary in Wheat Ridge, Chronic Therapy’s system seems to work. The dispensary holds over 40 rotating hand-trimmed strains that are grown in-house including its own strain, Tangie Power, which won a Grow-Off 2018 award for potency.

As the story goes, Chronic Therapy was founded after one of Coleman’s family members was diagnosed with cancer and sought solutions through alternative medicine. Too often, pharmaceutical drugs just aren’t enough to ease the pain and suffering. One of the biggest challenges, in Coleman’s mind, is maintaining the concept that the product—which is now considered recreational—is still helpful and effective for medical patients seeking relief.

According to new regulations on cannabis businesses in Colorado, budtenders, as well as actual product labeling, are prohibited from making any health benefit claims. It’s not unlike the restrictions you’d see imposed on common and often inert herbal supplements that haven’t been cleared for medical uses by federal agencies. That’s why a lot of medical patients end up shopping at recreational stores. “I would say a third of our clientele are using cannabis as alternative pain medicine even though it was purchased ‘recreationally,’” Coleman explained. “And when these customers ask if certain products can help them find relief from different ailments, we can only tell them the product is intended for recreational purposes.”

Running a business in the cannabis industry is tricky. Unapproved activities such as looping, as we’ve seen recently, can result in stiff penalties. Coleman encourages his clients to educate themselves on the constantly changing rules and regulations of the industry. “As it progresses, so should the research,” he said. “I highly encourage any newcomer to the industry to gain as much knowledge as possible.” Coleman believes that the best resources with usable information on cannabis regulations can be found at the Colorado Department of Revenue, specifically the Marijuana Enforcement Division, as well as websites like Leafly for strains and product information.

 “As [the industry] progresses, so should the research. I highly encourage any newcomer to the industry to gain as much knowledge as possible.”

One of Chronic Therapy’s goals is to be a leader in the industry by maintaining its two main priorities as a store—the cultivation and production of high quality cannabis products and providing excellent customer service. “We recently opened a retail store in Cortez, so we are working to expand the Chronic Therapy brand across the state and maybe even across the United States,” Coleman said.

The industry is constantly evolving. Chronic Therapy hopes to be an innovator in the way the traditional cannabis consumer culture of the past can integrate with the professionalism of cannabis businesses that we see today. “We want to change the view of the industry so it is seen as a standard retail business and not as a stoner’s store,” Coleman stated.

Chronic Therapy

10030 W 27th Ave.

Wheat Ridge

(303) 233-3087