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Available at Kaya/Southwest Alternative Care in Denver.

In the old saying “Nothing good happens after midnight,” we’d like to think that this tremendous strain from Kaya Cannabis at Southwest Alternative Care is definitely the exception to the rule. It even has a much cooler spelling for its name. Midnite, a cross of Bubba Kush and Chem #4, piqued our interest as we’ve never seen it anywhere outside of their Denver location. Light green and denser than a dogwood tree; the ample nugs were so frosty they’d probably glow even in the darkest of hours. Initially, we didn’t pick up much nose, but breaking up a bud released chemmy aromas that made us salivate. It definitely followed through on the first few hits, tasting robust without being harsh while leading to a full body relaxation that didn’t feel lethargic. That didn’t stop us from getting a full night’s sleep when ready to crash, however, and the rest we did catch up on was deep and relaxing.

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