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Michigan City to Fill 400 Cannabis Jobs




Update your resumes—because developers in Marshall, Michigan plan on hiring 400 people to fill cannabis cultivation and processing jobs. The opportunity to work with one of Michigan’s larger cannabis companies won’t last long.

Officials on Aug. 14 confirmed the announcement. Michigan Pure Med will convert a 20-acre area in the industrial park south area of Marshall into a massive cannabis cultivation and processing facility.

“It’s pretty big,” Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance CEO Scott Fleming told Detroit Free Press. “Marshall has not really been getting a lot of jobs lately,” and the new jobs should also help with housing development. Michigan Pure Med also plans on opening 10 provisioning centers in southern Michigan. The company plans on opening more locations in Lansing, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Hazel Park and Warren.

The first phase will create up to 100 jobs. Phase 1 includes 250,000 square feet of greenhouses. During the final phases, the project will grow to over 1.3 million square feet and require a totall of about 400 employees.

The site of the main campus will be located on Old U.S. 27 South inside the Brooks Industrial Park. Michigan Pure Med ended up rejecting an earlier proposal to operate on a smaller site. The Marshall City Planning Commission approved the project on Aug. 8.

“We believe in medical cannabis and what it can offer for patients and we know there’s a medical revolution right now and we are just starting to scratch the surface on that,” Michigan Pure Med COO Joe Jarvis said last week.

Marshall was the first municipality in Calhoun County to allow medical cannabis businesses to set up shop. While cultivation and processing businesses are allowed in Marshall, provisioning centers are not.

Developers plan to break ground on the site soon.