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Michigan Allowing Curbside Cannabis Pickup



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]W[/dropcap]hile COVID-19 concerns continue, Michigan officials are now allowing curbside cannabis pickup.

According to, the state Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued a statement on March 16 that medical patients and recreational customers would be able to place delivery orders at the 15 recreational dispensaries and 66 medical dispensaries throughout the state. “During a crisis like this, you really get to see if state government is prepared or not,” said Michigan Cannabis Industry Association Director Robin Schneider. “And in this case, our department is absolutely shining … “

Customers can either place orders online, by phone or in person, and procedure varies from place to place. “The curbside pickup is going to make a world of difference in order to protect the workers in this process,” Schneider said.

The agency also stated that those picking up cannabis can “remain in their parked vehicle in the parking lot of a licensed provisioning center or adult-use retailer.”

“Customers may complete an order including payment for their product via the internet or they may place their order once parked at the facility,” the Marijuana Regulatory Agency said. “An employee from the licensed facility or adult-use establishment is permitted to complete the sales transaction by interacting with the customer in the parking lot and recording the necessary information into the statewide monitoring system.”

This new system is in place as long as COVID-19 is a concern and will be discontinued when regular shopping can resume. It’s a necessary step, since patients still need to get their medicine during the time, and recreational consumption has also spiked. “There has been an increase of customers who are stockpiling both medical and recreational cannabis and sales are definitely up, just like other essentials,” Schneider said.

Michigan is already known for record cannabis sales as well as a high demand for cannabis. Fears of the virus are increasing demand even more, and curbside pickup will help with safe social distancing.

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