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Method Man and Redman to Release Cannabis Line




At Cannaramic, an online summit that featured more than 25 cannabis experts including cannabinoid discoverer Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, Redman recently unveiled plans to release a cannabis line with longtime sidekick, Method Man. While details are still limited, no one is surprised that the duo is launching a cannabis line, given their long relationship with the leafy green plant.

Redman laid out the terms in which the duo wants things to run in his company. “I don’t want to help brand someone else and not have equity or ownership in that company,” he said. “That’s why you’ve never seen a Redman and Method Man vape pen, or rolling paper, or anything. We want to be in control.”

Method Man and Redman starred in the lighthearted comedy How High in 2001, and haven’t slowed down in their cannabis-related efforts since then. Now, many years later, the duo is shooting a sequel to the film with Family Guy writers Artie Johann and Shawn Ries. “How High” is also the name of Redman’s cannabis-themed clothing line.  In 2016, Method Man and Redman announced their collaboration with BlazeNow, a dispensary location app similar to Weedmaps.

But now he’s more interested in the actual medicinal qualities of the plant. “My whole thing is I want to be able to help people . . . I definitely want to help the youth, people who can’t afford medicine. It’s all about helping.”

With more serious intentions in mind, we can begin to understand where the duo will be headed in the future. “I want to help AIDS patients,” Redman continued. “I want to help people with pain and stomach disorders. If you have a sleeping disorder, I want to help you with something I would take.”

Snoop Dogg, Post Malone, 2 Chainz, The Game and many other rappers and artists have released cannabis lines or product lines of their own.