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Melissa Etheridge Cannabis Business Receives License




Longtime cannabis advocate, musician and former CULTURE cover celebrity Melissa Etheridge’s cannabis company received its very own license last week.

While performing at a concert on July 23 at The Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California, Etheridge announced that her cannabis company is finally moving forward. “We just received today the first manufacturing license for cannabis,” she said on the stage. Her company, Etheridge Farms, officially received the first non-dispensary license to be issued in Santa Cruz County, California.

Etheridge Farms’ goal is to target first-time cannabis consumers as well as middle-aged female medical patients. “Everyone else is taken care of,” she told the East Bay Times. “Snoop Dogg’s got it, you know, B-Real—all those great people are doing a great job in whom they’re marketing to, but I’ve got a keen direction toward middle aged women who are discovering, ‘Hey, I don’t want to take an Ambien every night. I don’t want to have to drink wine every night to relax, because I know those things aren’t good for my body.’ They’re looking to cannabis, and I want Etheridge Farms to be right there to answer what they’re looking for.”

Etheridge Farms is co-owned by Etheridge herself, along with her wife Linda Wallem-Etheridge, and business partners Jozee Roberto and D’Angelo Roberto. “Melissa and Linda genuinely share the same values that Cricket and I share about health and wellbeing—about, you know, plant medicine, about cannabis being a part of that story of helping patients get through certain ailments,” said Jozee Roberto. “And really, we’re on this mission to share a clear message with quality products that match that message.”

The facility will be located in a 6,000 square foot building in Soquel (located northeast of Santa Cruz), and will create high-quality cannabis products to sell to dispensaries. The company’s first product line is expected to release in California only sometime in Spring 2020.

According to Cannabis Licensing Manager Sam LoForti, there are 21 cannabis manufacturers, seven cultivators and two distributors that have already received use-permits to operate Santa Cruz County. All of these businesses are eligible for business licenses.