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Medically Correct Puts the “Sweet” in Sweet Leaf



Josh Fink, co-founder and executive chef at Medically Correct, came to the world of edibles from a background attending The Art Institute of Colorado and working as a pastry chef. After years of creating delicious confections, he has branched into cannabis to create Medically Correct and the tasty sub-brand Nové Luxury Chocolate. From brownies and chocolates to gummies, he knows how to make a tasty edible. CULTURE caught up with him for the secrets behind the recipes. 

What drew you away from traditional baking and to edibles? 
My initial experience was out of personal interest and wanting to be part of elevating the healing power of cannabis. Growing up when I realized I could get paid to make food, I was hooked. I went to the former Art Institute of Colorado in Denver and became a pastry cook. I’m obsessed with chocolate and confections. I enjoy applying smoke, hot and cold, to all kinds of foods including chocolate, cheese, butter and so on. When I was approached by co-founder Rick [Scarpello] about the opportunity to create Medically Correct, I already had many contacts who encouraged me to become involved in the burgeoning industry. It was certainly nerve-wracking when we first started because there were a lot of grey areas still being interpreted from multiple perspectives and lots of reminders of federal statutes, regulations, etc. 

What is the secret behind getting the best edible flavor?
It’s all about getting a great tasting edible that doesn’t taste like weed. This starts with a really clean extraction process, so we’re using the highest quality oils and ingredients in our edibles. Developing flavor profiles that are compatible with cannabis is also important. For instance, flavors like chocolate or peanut are easier to infuse compared to vanilla or peach. There is also a lot of trial and error. And taste testing! For our newest chocolate, Nové, we spent 18 months perfecting the flavors of the chocolate and fillings. 

What makes your edibles stand out from others in the industry? 

We have been consistent since the beginning. I insisted we test for potency from the development phase, as it’s the only way to determine a consistent outcome. Our mindset has always been that we want to contribute to a reputable industry, not just pump out products. This philosophy has put us on the driving edge of establishing good practices in the industry and in addressing what consumers want. Medically Correct was one of the first companies with foodservice experience to bring these processes to cannabis.

What advice would you give to folks making their own edibles at home? 
Start low, and go slow! Err on the side of caution. Unless someone is experienced with edibles, don’t assume they are a heavyweight, even for a seasoned smoker. An underwhelming experience leaves the door open for more investigation. These days there are many online resources to project average potencies of flower if someone wants to create something from flower to edible.  But with plenty of quality distillate available, estimating potencies is fairly simple—total available milligrams divided by total units is a fairly straightforward equation. An average for a gram of distillate is 95 percent potency or 950 milligrams per gram. So, if you use half the gram, 475 milligrams for half a gram of distillate, divided by 15 brownies, is about 30 milligrams per brownie. Extrapolate as needed.

What is your favorite strain to use for edibles? 
Honestly, I like all strains and all flower. I try everything! These days, when I make something at home, I source a gram distillate. I look for distillate available in a syringe, as it is easy to warm up and work with. It is also often decarboxylated, so it’s fully activated for use. I have a few strains that I keep going back to, but ultimately it depends on the effect and flavor that you’re looking to achieve. 

Is there anything specific you want to plug or promote right now? 
We are getting ready to launch our new Nové filled chocolates that have been in development over the past couple years. It is a new line of luxury edibles starting with filled chocolate bars with individual truffles and gummies coming soon. Inside the bars are soft, flavorful centers, so it’s not your typical infused chocolate taste or experience. Nové is very much an indulgent dessert-like edible but are very affordable in terms of an everyday treat. Fun fact: we use a chocolate filling machine from Italy to fill the inside of each bite-sized piece.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

Medically Correct has a lot of products in development, so keep an eye out for everything to come this year. Our very first edibles brand, incredibles, just rolled out its new, fun look that really captures the essence of our unique story in cannabis. There is also an improved new gummy formula for incredibles that is bursting with juicy flavors.