Medical Marijuana of the Rockies

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Medical Marijuana of the Rockies

720 Summit Blvd., Ste 101A, Frisco, CO, 80443

Phone Number: (970) 668-MEDS (6337)


Interviewed: Jerry Olson, Owner, survivor in life and living

How and when did
your dispensary start up?

I had been working on the prospect of
opening a “High Country” dispensary after my liver transplant began to
fail in 1997. Between mid 2007 early 2008, I put the project on the back burner
until I was healthy with a new, second liver transplant in January 2009. My
dispensary opened by August 1 that same year and became the first medical
marijuana dispensary open with a Colorado retail sales tax license between
Denver and Grand Junction, nestled in Frisco.

What’s the story
behind the name of your dispensary?

Back then there really weren’t any
marijuana dispensaries around (about three or four in the whole state of
Colorado) so I had a blue ocean of names to choose from and this name clearly
expressed both my business and personal intentions to sell medical marijuana, so
I chose it.

What does your
dispensary offer patients that they can’t find anywhere else?

Beautiful, vibrant and healthy clones
from a line of genetics, which both my colleagues and I have found great
success with. Plus our high altitude propagation techniques seem to prevent the
bugs and molds that one finds rampant all over the front range in other stores

What are the
biggest challenges you face in this industry as a dispensary?

People who perform with low integrity
for their own gain instead of for the betterment of humanity and the industry.
Greed is a disgusting quality to promote.

Biggest joys?

Seeing people grow and heal. 

What is the one
thing that you want patients to know about your dispensary?

If we know the answer to your plant and
medical questions, we will share our knowledge with you!

If someone wanted
to open a dispensary and get their feet wet in the industry, what advice or
counsel would you give them?

Get a good lawyer with the spirit of
Amendment 20 in mind. Guys like Warren Edson, who introduced me to Jim Oliver
(Pueblo Law Office) really made the biggest influence in my early decisions.
Also determine what is your life purpose is, and stay connected to that.

What is the most
important thing you hope to accomplish while in the MJ/MMJ community?

MMRockies’ mission statement is “Creating
a community of healing through sharing knowledge and love.” In my future, I
may move into recreational sales as well or pursue hemp for the betterment of
our planet. Although I will always have an intention for supporting my medical
goals, not to mention staying present with the true esoteric spirit of cannabis,
I feel this plant is meant for all humans to use freely and without burden. I don’t plan on deserting the medical marijuana
community . . . ever.

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