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Medical Cannabis Testing Approved in France




The France Ministry of Health and Solidarity gave approval for medical cannabis tests to begin in the country, with a focus on studying how seriously ill patients react to the medicine.

According to the Anadolu Agency (AA), medical cannabis tests have been approved for study on up to 3,000 patients in France. These individuals will be tested in a controlled environment in a limited study, which is set to last for up to two years following the first official prescription, or two years after March 31, 2021 (whichever comes first). An undisclosed number of companies participating must supply the medical cannabis for testing free of charge. Any products submitted must also meet industry standards, as detailed by Good Manufacturing Practice.

The Ministry of Health and Solidarity will be in charge of managing the studies and all of its requirements. This includes a variety of decisions to be made, such as a list of approved conditions to examine and guidelines for importation of medicine.

Calling the approval “late but historic,” the Collective Alternative for Cannabis Therapeutic Purposes (ACT) praised the decision. “ACT calls for the establishment of a lasting status for this drug, which must be prescribed beyond experimentation,” it stated in a press release.

AA stated that an estimated 30 countries across the world currently allow medical cannabis studies to be conducted. Specifically, in the Europe Union, out of 27 countries, only 22 have so far made the decision to begin studying cannabis’ unique properties and how they interact with a variety of conditions.

Although this is good news for France, not everyone is on board with the idea of cannabis moving forward. AA noted that just last month, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin made it abundantly clear that he was firmly opposed to legalization. Fortunately, there are many French politicians who have continued to press the government’s lack of movement into medical cannabis study.

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