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Medical Cannabis Sales Begin in Missouri



On October 17, Missouri patients lined up to purchase medicine on the first day of medical cannabis sales.

Only two medical cannabis dispensaries (both owned by N’Bliss) were open in St. Louis County, one in Ellisville and one in Manchester. “Missouri patients have always been our north star as we work to implement the state’s medical marijuana program,” said the director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Dr. Randall Williams. “We greatly appreciate how hard everyone has worked so that patients can begin accessing a safe and well-regulated program.” The state’s first purchase was from an individual named Larry (a cancer survivor) and his wife Sue (a registered nurse), according to a Tweet by Jack Cardetti, media spokesperson of the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association.

As expected for the first day of sales, long lines stretched out past the two current N’Bliss location entrances. Local news interviews shared the stories of waiting patients, seeking relief for their various medical conditions. “It helps with my spasticity, which means my muscles don’t move like I like them to, and sleep,” said patient Kim Haller, who was the third individual in line. “I don’t want to take any more pills. I know this will help. To be quite honest, I have tried it and, yes, it does help.” ABC News reports that one eighth of an ounce was priced at $125.

One additional dispensary opened in Kansas City on October 19. By the end of the year, the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services expects 192 licensed dispensaries to be open.

A medical cannabis ballot measure entitled Amendment 2 was approved by Missouri voters back in 2018. At the time, Amendment 2 was battling against two other cannabis-related ballot measures. Now, approximately 75,000 patients have been registered for medical cannabis cards.

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