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Medical Cannabis Products Coming Soon to Louisiana




Louisiana’s state-approved licensed pharmacies are getting ready to supply cannabis medicine for the first time.

GB Sciences is one of only two medical cannabis cultivators and producers in the state. According to GB Sciences’ Vice President John Davis, the company plans to have its medical cannabis products ready for pharmacies very soon. “We’re in the process of bottling the final formulations and we’re waiting to put the labels on the bottles that will describe the contents,” said Davis. “That’s how close we are. We’re all aiming for the next few weeks.” The producer’s line of products is set to include one CBD product, one THC product and one hybrid product with a balanced mix of both CBD and THC, all of which are available in oil form.

There have been past issues regarding the state’s regulations in terms of practices, which have caused delays up to this point. However, those issues have since been resolved and the state’s chosen nine pharmacies selected to dispense medical cannabis are ready to begin. Randy Mire, one of the owners of a pharmacy called Capitol Wellness, can’t wait for things to move forward. “We’re super excited about this because it’s on the cutting edge of any medication that we’ve dealt with before,” he told KNOE. Mire’s pharmacy is one of nine chosen businesses working with GB Sciences to provide medical cannabis to local patients.

According to state law, patients must be recommended medical cannabis by a licensed practitioner first. Only then may they head to one of the state-approved dispensaries for access.

Many believe that Louisiana’s approach to a medical cannabis program is a sound one, especially because it puts so much emphasis on actual studies. “It demonstrates credibility,” Davis added. “It’s not that we’re saying, ‘Hey, here’s some weed. Go use it.’ Instead, we’re saying, ‘Here’s a compilation of all the peer-reviewed medical literature.’”

Although there are only three options for medical cannabis products through GB Sciences, the company hopes to produce more of a variety in the future. It’s most recent plan is to unveil a dissolvable strip that can be placed under the tongue. Eventually, it will branch out to inhalers, lozenges and creams as well, if all goes to plan.