Medical Cannabis Honey Available wherever: Happy Seed Edibles products are carried.

As powerful as a bee and as sweet as a flower, the Medical Cannabis Honey designed by Happy Seed Edibles is one neat treat. A five-ounce jar of honey made in Santa Cruz is filled with 250mg of THC cultivated in Humboldt. Offered in three different varieties of indica, sativa and CBD, consumers can get either five-ounce jars or small 10mg sticks. We sampled the indica variety, and it certainly lives up to its packaging (bee sleepy)! An unbelievably delicious tasting honey has the flavors of both apple and cinnamon making for a notably autumnal delicacy. A great edible in terms of its multi-functionality, this honey can be placed in beverages or baked goods or even spread on top of any fitting food. Plenty of Bay Area dispensaries carry this honey made by Happy Seed Edibles—don’t miss out on it!

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