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Medical Cannabis Bingo Night Held in Maryland




Nature’s Care and Wellness in Perryville, Maryland took a unique and unconventional route in its attempt to eliminate the stigma that still surrounds cannabis consumption—by hosting its first-ever medical cannabis bingo.

“Nature’s Care and Wellness is all about helping the community and giving back! We do a lot of patient appreciation events, as well as fundraising!” Sadie Roth, a spokesperson for the dispensary wrote in a Facebook message.

The organizer’s decision to choose to host a bingo night was to help support the idea that medical cannabis consumers are just regular people with similar interests and way of life. “What I’m hoping is that the community of Carroll County will start to come together and realize there are like-minded people out there that have the same problems that medically need cannabis to treat it. They are not singled-out individuals. Now they can be together,” said the owner of Nature’s Care and Wellness, Robert Lee Windsor. The event was held at Seasons at Magnolia Manor on Aug. 8.

Approximately one percent of the total population of Maryland is registered to consume medical cannabis legally. Hence the Bingo event is being billed as a patient appreciation event by the dispensary. “That one percent no longer has to be ashamed of needing that type of medication,” said Windsor.

The attendees were permitted to eat edibles, vape, consume THC or CBD on the premises, provided that there was no open flame. Winners were given generous prizes as well. “We have a processor called GTI that has donated a couple of baskets. If these patients win the bingo prize, they will have to come to the dispensary to pick up those prizes,” said Windsor.

Even though the event is being advertised as one of the first medicated cannabis bingo night, there have been similar cannabis patient appreciation events in Carroll Country in the past, such the “Puff and Paint” and an annual crab feast.