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Matcha Tea White Chocolate Bar by Défoncé




California, meet Belgium. Belgium, meet California. The Matcha Tea White Chocolate by Défoncé is an utter delicacy crafted from the finest Belgian chocolate and infused with premium California Cannabis and Matcha Green Tea. This is truly a gourmet dessert and should be treated as such. The milky and creamy white chocolate just evaporates on the tongue leaving behind the most wonderfully rich and invigorating flavor. As soon as you open the sleek packaging you will smell the delicious overtones of Matcha Green Tea that blend harmoniously with the subtle scent of sweet, sweet cannabis. The Matcha Tea White Chocolate by Défoncé is parceled into 18 pieces at 5mg THC each totaling 90mg of THC in the entire bar. As there are nearly 20 pieces of chocolate comprising this bar, it is absolutely great for sharing with a few friends after a dinner party. Additionally, the Matcha Tea White Chocolate bar contains spirulina, which is a very popular antioxidant and energy booster that works delightfully well with the infused cannabis. All things considered, the Matcha Tea White Chocolate by Défoncé is a top shelf edible and well worth its weight in not just cannabis but in chocolate too.

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