Master P

Available at So-Cal Co-Op in Woodland Hills.

Named for the rap star for whom it was purportedly created, Master P could have had this potent strain in mind when writing his hit rap, “Make Em Say Uh.” The Master P available at the So-Cal Co-Op in Woodland Hills will have you saying way more the “Uh.” These are super dense, firm, large nugs with wafting odors of pine and fruit. Orange-red hairs interlace a dense covering of crystal clear trichomes. A fresh taste prepares you for the enervating effects. People who like to talk will like talking even more, and those who have to listen to them will find it easier to tune them out. This is absolutely wonderful cannabis to consume when you have a boring repetitive task and you want to make the task seem meaningful. It does this by helping you stay focused on your task while allowing you to also contemplate the meaning of life.

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