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Masked Activists in Manchester, England Hand Out Free Cannabis




Masked cannabis activists in Manchester, England were spotted handing out over £800 worth of cannabis.

According to LAD Bible, footage of the incident was recorded on Sunday, July 14. It shows people wearing balaclavas and hanging up a banner that says “free bud.” The masked figures then began handing out bags of cannabis. These anonymous individuals were all marked with the word “OUTLAW” on their balaclavas, and dispersed when police showed up, but not all appeared to get away.

Apparently, the attack was orchestrated by an individual known only as “Outlaw” who released an anonymous statement. “There’s no harm or loss to anyone because a few guys are handing out weed,” the statement reads. “We question U.K. laws and legislation and like to test the authority. Until somebody can convince us that there’s a legitimate reason for cannabis to be illegal, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing and keep pushing the barrier, regardless of the law. You can see in the video that the people of Manchester were absolutely loving it, not so much the police of Manchester!”

The activist basked in his anonymity. “You can’t arrest a character with a made-up name and no face,” he continued. “Outlaw’s lawyers are right on top of the game. This is literally just the start, and it’s gone mad! Giving out £800.00 worth of weed is nothing. We’ve got a few pop-ups soon, and the album is out in August, all the updates will be on my Insta.”

Recently, even the Church of England has agreed to invest in the medical cannabis industry. Evidence like this, along with what appears to be a bizarre publicity stunt for an upcoming album, are signs tha