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Margot Robbie Hosts SNL Wearing Cannabis Dress



Margot Robbie is an Australian actress who has become famous for her standout roles in movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and this past summer’s superhero film, Suicide Squad. Robbie sparked interest of the cannabis community last Saturday when she opened up as the host for Saturday Night Live wearing a beautifully crafted cannabis dress. Her appearance marked the show’s airing of its 42nd season.

The dress Margot Robbie wore was designed by Alexander Wang, and it is part of his fall 2016 line. His collection features various clothing designs that incorporate cannabis leaves from shirts and jackets to dresses and wallets.

Robbie did not actually talk about cannabis during her appearance on SNL, but her choice of fashion was a pretty big statement toward normalizing the plant. The actress was praised for her role on the show, acting in the Hilary Clinton versus Donald Trump debate.

This is not the first time cannabis and the late-night TV show have made headlines, however. One of the cast members on the show, Pete Davidson, is an outspoken advocate who is a medical cannabis patient in the state of New York’s medical cannabis program. Davidson uses cannabis for his Crohn’s disease.

In an interview with High Times, Davidson shared, “I wouldn’t be able to perform on SNL if I couldn’t smoke weed!” In the interview, he also shared that he wants cannabis legal for medical and recreational purposes. He also believes that New York’s medical cannabis program is inadequate and hopes that it can improve.

SNL continues to be a platform where people who consume cannabis, as well as those who have never admitted to such, can spread positive vibes toward cannabis to help normalize the plant.

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