Maple Wreck

Available at Lux in San Jose.

A prime flower for those who love wake-and-bake sessions, almost everyone out there is absolutely going to love the Maple Wreck strain from Frosted Flowers! A breakfast bud like no other, the first smell of the Maple Wreck is exactly like the smell of buttery pancakes in the morning. The rich aroma of maple syrup is mixed with the scents of woody bark. After exhaling this tasty strain, consumers reported the exquisite flavor lingers on the palate for quite some time. The effects of this Trainwreck hybrid are mostly cerebral and euphoric with a light, calming body effect. An awesome choice for all times of the day, Maple Wreck is going to be a daily driver for all sativa hybrid lovers. Follow a hearty American breakfast with this yummy strain, and it will be hard not to be a morning person!

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