Mango CO2 Oil



Available wherever POP Naturals products are carried.

Time for some tropical relief this winter. POP Naturals hits new heights of flavor and potency with their top-of-the-line Mango CO2 oil. In an era of dodgy, flavored extracts, we count on POP Naturals to serve cannabinoids and terpenes straight-up, with no co-solvents or additives. The California brand is widely respected for using only organic outdoor grown buds and a pure CO2 subcritical extraction process. We got huge Mango tropical fruit flavor (1.1 percent terpenes) and enormous potency (60.62 percent cannabinoids) from this oil, which is perfect for re-filling vape pen carts, or as dabs, or on bowls, or in joints. Mango mixes Thai and Brazil sativas with an indica from Afghanistan for a hybrid indica effect. Patients use indica oil extracts like this in super-portable, discrete vape pens for symptom management anytime and anywhere.

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