Mamba OG Live Resin Sugar Available wherever: Pacific Concentrate Co. products are carried.

You won’t find these honey-colored, glittering gemstones of sparkly goodness in your grade school rock collection. Pacific Concentrate crumble’s pop rock-like appearance doesn’t just look cool, it also means chunks of this concentrate are easily thrown into a dab rig or vape pen for hands-free dabs if needed. This sample of crumble was a welcomed assault on the senses—a bold, diesel, petrol scent was sharp and powerful. Upon inhalation, the taste was much smoother than expected, with a long-lasting earthy aftertaste. As its effects immediately onset behind our eyes, a calmness started at the top of our head, down throughout the rest of our body. Be sure to secure yourself some Mamba OG Live Resin Sugar—you might even become inspired to start a much more adult concentrate rock collection.

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