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Los Sueños Farms is helping Pueblo Set the Bar for Other Counties



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Since the ‘80s, Pueblo County has been struggling to recover from a collapsed steel industry. Since Amendment 64 allows for local areas to regulate cannabis cultivation on their own, Pueblo has welcomed cannabis cultivation with open arms. Coloradans have renamed Pueblo from “The Pittsburgh of the West” to “The Silicon Valley of Marijuana.” Pueblo also pioneered cross-pollination rules, setting an example for other cities curious about cannabis cultivation.

The complex is ecologically accountable, adhering to a positive alliance with Mother Earth. By using natural predators native to the area, Los Sueños Farms allows larger, beneficial insects to feed on pests. More importantly, by using the sun’s natural rays, they leave a much smaller carbon footprint. “We grow outside—the way nature intended,” Michael “Caddy” Cadwell told CULTURE. Greenhouse 2 months ago“Farmers don’t grow other fruits and vegetables in warehouses—it’s not natural. Only the sun creates true photosynthesis. Trying to recreate nature indoors is very difficult, it weighs down the grid and it is a breeding ground for insects and disease. We want to provide consumers the option of natural sun grown pesticide-free cannabis from a farm that uses organic farming practices.”

Los Sueños Farms is proud to be part of Pueblo’s local economy; the farm employs locals while using local resources to cultivate the growth of natural sun-grown cannabis. Los Sueños Farms uses organic farming practices to naturally manage their 36 acres of outdoor crops & their 34,000 square feet of greenhouses. The farm uses sustainable agricultural practices to ensure a healthy product and company. Los Sueños Farms’ goal is to cultivate the healthiest product possible with the least amount of ingredients, just the way Mother Nature intended.

Over 1300 jobs and $120 million in revenue were created by the Colorado cannabis industry in 2014. Also in 2014, Pueblo County collected $1.8 million in revenue from cannabis ventures.

Colorado is home to around 938 cannabis collectives—a higher number than the number of Starbucks franchises. “The sky is the limit as long as the public keeps demanding sun grown, natural pesticide-free cannabis,” says Caddy.

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