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Post-Alternative band CAKE has converted its Sacramento-based studios entirely to solar energy for the recording of their sixth studio album. The group was recently honored as one of the top 10 “greenest bands on the planet” by Billboard magazine. ADAM “MCA” YAUCH of the BEASTIE BOYS recently underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his left salivary gland. In the course of his recuperation, Yauch recently visited Dharamsala, India, where he has been ingesting Tibetan medicine while undergoing blessings and other religious ceremonies. The Beastie Boys’ new album, Hot Sauce Committee, Part 1, has yet to be given a rescheduled release date. In the super-duper ultra-mega awesome category of music news, FAITH NO MORE has reunited. Singer MIKE PATTON states of the reunion: “We haven’t discarded [recording new material] completely, but we are not thinking about composing. We don’t want to be like those bands that stay years apart, then return and release a horrible record.” While the reunion may be tentative for now, the singer affirms the band has “already played about 40 shows, and we are all happy.” Indie-prog-rock outfit CIRCA SURVIVE is no longer indie, at least in terms of label support. Recently signed to Atlantic Records, the band is in the studio with Grammy-winning producer David Bottrill, who has produced albums for TOOL, MUSE and KING CRIMSON. Post-hardcore outfit FROM FIRST TO LAST recently signed with Rise Records. After a relationship with Epitaph, Atlantic and UMG-owned Suretone/Interscope, let’s hope Rise, which also represent BLEEDING THROUGH and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, will prove to be a final home for FFTL. The underground psychedelic trance duo known as INFECTED MUSHROOM tasted mainstream acceptance with their latest album, Legend of the Black Shawarma, which charted in the Billboard Top 200 under multiple categories and reached No. 6 on the iTunes Album Chart. Black Shawarma includes guest vocals from JONATHAN DAVIS of KORN on the album’s single “Smashing the Opponent.” And speaking of smashing opponents, the duo has developed an iPhone game called, well, “Smashing the Opponent.” SMASH!!!

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