Liner Notes | September 2016

Liner Notes SeptemberEverybody wants a piece of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Whether its fans begging for another version of the “History of Rap” that he and Jimmy Fallon perform on The Tonight Show or it’s the Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, ruling that him not releasing a new album in the next five years is unconstitutional, Timberlake is at the center of the public’s attention. That’s why Chelsey Gaudet and Ryan Parks, a couple getting married in New Hampshire, were surprised when Timberlake joined them for a few wedding photos.

It wasn’t like MAROON 5 crashing weddings for the sake of a music video, either. He just happened to be in the neighborhood (actually for a different wedding) when Gaudet’s father came across the Bringer Back of Sexy eating lunch. The words they exchanged are lost to history, but soon enough Timberlake was shaking hands with the groom and congratulating the couple.

Timberlake also had a fan encounter at the American Century Celebrity Pro-Am at Lake Tahoe in Nevada in July; but this one was less enjoyable. According to NME, “a fan’s hand made contact with the star’s face as he walked through the crowd.”

“Bro, why would you do that?” was Timberlake’s frustrated response, though the tournament escorted the fan away and he was later arrested. Alcohol may have been involved.

AMY LEE, the lead singer of EVANESCENCE, is planning to release a kid’s album titled Dream Too Much. It will have original songs as well as covers of classics like “Hello Goodbye” by THE BEATLES. When asked what he expected the album to do to his tortured toddler soul, a local babygoth said “wake me up inside.”

TAYLOR SWIFT donated a million dollars to help the relief efforts in Louisiana after the region was hit with massive flooding which has already killed at least 11 people. She started her most recent tour in Louisiana and loves the undeniable impact that state has had on the history of American music. Now would be a good time to listen to RANDY NEWMAN’s “Louisiana 1927,” which details an earlier and devastating flood. It’s a great history lesson for the beloved region and is, well, just about as perfect as a song can get.

Continuing in our litany of nice things done by pop stars, ADELE, at a recent show, video called a sick fan who couldn’t be there in person. “Hello Marisa,” she said after welcoming two of the girl’s friends onstage. “I was saying even though you are ill, I’m really glad you didn’t come to the front row and make me ill. Thanks so much for staying at home.”

She also invited the two friends to take a selfie while holding up Marisa live via videochat. The crowd loved it and the applause grew throughout the gesture.

None of these pop stars’ acts of generosity, however, can compare to the selfless heroism of STING, who has subjected himself to a series of brain scans carried out by cognitive psychologist Daniel Levitin, author of “This is Your Brain on Music.” The intent is to find out how Sting, or more accurately, his brain, “organizes” music. Levitin is concerned with finding out how songs are generated, written, and translated from thought. He’s studying what he calls “the ability to manipulate in one’s mind rich representations of the desired soundscape.”

Levitin was concerned with subjecting Sting to too rigorous or long a session, saying that it can be quite taxing on the body and that most people can only last for a few minutes. Sting reassured him, saying, “haven’t you heard? I can last for hours.”

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