Liner Notes

By Hans Fink

In what many consider a sign of the times for both the print and entertainment industries, it has been announced that Nielsen, parent company of Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan, is selling both The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard, two magazines that have been long-running entertainment industry standards.

A quick-thinking bus driver is credited with keeping a tour-cancelling bus crash from ending up much worse for the band Weezer. Singer/songwriter Rivers Cuomo and his assistant, Sarah, were both injured, but not critically. The rest of the bus’ occupants, including Cuomo’s wife, daughter and nanny, were safe. While we rejoice that nobody was seriously injured or maimed, I am a little upset that we may still be subjected to future Weezer albums.

For those of you who like it unapologetically loud, hard and rocking, the Grammy-winning metal act Killswitch Engage will kick off 2010 with a tour launching in early February and extending through March. Joining them will be metal-core sensations The Devil Wears Prada, currently finishing up a co-headlining stint on the Napalm & Noise Tour.

While on the topic of extremely loud, metal-oriented tours, the recently Grammy-nominated Slayer will co-headline the American Carnage tour with Megadeth. While many metal fans are celebrating Slayer’s most recent effort, World Painted Blood, others are still shocked that Megadeth still exists.

Speaking of odd news regarding metal giants, Kirk Hammett, lead guitarist of Metallica, chose Dengue Fever’s “One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula” to be the No. 2 song on his “Best Music of the Decade” ballot for Rolling Stone Magazine. Dengue Fever has been mixing Cambodian Pop, Ethiopian Jazz and a sense of experimental disco to win over crowds nationwide, including those artsy-fartsy indie kids who wear scarves and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon. So by virtue of liking this band, you will automatically become cool. Dengue Fever will be playing shows up and down the West Coast this month.

Nico Vega will film the video for their track “Gravity” this month. The stunning and gorgeous lead singer AJA apparently will portray the roles of “priestess, shaman and rock star,” according to the official press release, in a video that will leave fans “satiated and exhausted.” I don’t think I have ever exhausted myself watching a music video, but hey, if the press release says it, it must be so. Look for “Gravity” to debut next month.

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