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Liner Notes

By Hans Fink

THE PIXIES are managing to stay relevant in this modern age not only with their timeless music, but also with the selling and distributio



By Hans Fink

THE PIXIES are managing to stay relevant in this modern age not only with their timeless music, but also with the selling and distribution of their live performances off the current tour. Fans attending the Doolittle Tour have a chance to buy a copy of that night’s performance literally 10 minutes after the band walks off stage. Additionally, BlueHaze is developing an exclusive Pixies iPhone App, which includes social media features and immediate access to all of the band’s tweets, blogs and comments in one convenient app, as well as a complete listing of their catalog and an exclusive way to pre-purchase any live products being sold. Hooray for the Digital Age, and for further blurring the distinction between art and commerce!

EVERCLEAR has reformed—well, OK, singer/guitarist ART ALEXAKIS is actually the only member from the original lineup. Alexakis has recruited new band members, and has released a new album, In a Different Light, on 429 Records, which apparently has “reinterpretations” of classic Everclear songs alongside some new material. In a surprise twist to this story, there are still people out there who like the band Everclear.

For you electronic music fans and party insomniacs, early-bird tickets are on sale for March’s Ultra Music Festival, the world’s premiere electronic music festival. UMF is an award-winning festival, acclaimed by the Ibiza DJ Awards and Village Voice Media alike, and features top-notch headliners. As far as 2010’s lineup . . . no one has been announced, but given its history, expect a healthy mixture of the cream of the crop and the embattled up and comers.

BECK has announced that Record Club 3 is now streaming live on his website. Record Club is an informal gathering of various musicians to record an album in one day, generally a tribute/reinterpretation of a classic. The first two Record Club projects were The Velvet Underground & Nico, and Songs of Leonard Cohen. The current Record Club project is Skip Spence’s classic Oar.

Last issue, I announced with great joy that FAITH NO MORE had unexpectedly united, in spite of vocalist MIKE PATTON’s vehement statements throughout the past decade that a reunion would never occur. This month, I am pleased to announce that Faith No More has announced U.S. tour dates, set to launch in early 2010 when they return from Europe. You can bet this embittered music columnist will be out committing acts of crime and larceny to gain access to any California shows!

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