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Lemon Skunk Live Resin processed by Top Hat




Processed by Top Hat Concentrates, Karmaceuticals Lemon Skunk Live Resin smelled amazing and not at all like solvent. Untwisting the glass jar revealed gold diamonds in a sticky terpene sauce. The citrusy scent immediately hit the senses, revealing that this was overall an abundantly flavorful terp sauce would fill both mouths and noses with joy. As a notoriously strong strain, this specific batch of Lemon Skunk Live Resin tested out at 95.4 percent THCA. Using a skillet tool, we rolled one of the diamonds around in the sauce to fully coat it, gently placed it on our dab rig and fired it up. The hit was smooth and delicious, with effects that were sedative but also provided feelings of happiness and contentment. Reviewers melted into the couch for a bit but also found that periodic bursts of energy came around, which added ease to chores like cleaning or whipping up something delicious to eat. The energetic buzz from this live resin may be effective in getting consumers out of a funk, so stop by Karmaceuticals in Denver to snag some of this mood boosting product.

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